Teaching & Consulting

Editorial Work:
If you’re a writer looking for manuscript editing or project feedback, I offer sessions online or in person. Writers usually pay an hourly rate but a per-project fee can be arranged. Please email me at allyharrisr@gmail.com and describe your project, its length, what type of feedback you would like, and we can work from there. Note: I am a non judgmental, non-hierarchical instructor and my practices in the classroom transfer over into my consulting work–I can easily tailor my level of feedback, delivery, and areas of focus to whatever you find most important. For testimonials, click here.

As of 05/05/2020, I’m offering my first online writing class called “Quarantine Writing.” Its emphasis is on writing memory, and it’s open to all genres with a focus on poetry. The class is full, but please send me an email if you’d like to know more about class offerings: allyharrisr@gmail.com.

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