My three chapbooks can be found here:

Dispersal (The Song Cave)
Her Twin Was After Me (Slim Princess)
Floor Baby (dancing girl press)

Some poems I’ve published:

Apology Magazine, GASHER Journal, The Brooklyn Review, Bennington Review, BOAAT Press, The Volta, Dusie, Pinwheel, Poetry Northwest, The Destroyer, Typo, Sink Review, NOÖ Journal, BOMB Magazine,  Tarpaulin Sky, Salt Hill, Sixth Finch, DIAGRAM, and more.

Here is some etc. I’ve published, including essays, reviews, work writing, & etc:

Beyond the Moratorium: Eviction courts must use Community Navigation to get rent relief to tenants quickly
CDC announces eviction moratorium extension for majority of renters until October 3rd
The CDC Eviction Moratorium Needs Amendments, Not Just Extensions
A review of Moon Crumbs, poetry by Sheila Dong
A review of Dark Pool Party by Hannah Black
The New Racist Sandwich Podcast Explains Itself
To Mark the Infinite Language of the Body: An Interview with Sara Deniz Akant
Review of Contraband of Hoopoe, by Ewa Chrusciel
The Moons of Mars, an “essay” on my cognitive mappings, 10 Sources, Poor Claudia

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