From Rob Schlegel, author of In the Tree Where the Double Sex Sleeps (University of Iowa Press 2019): “The best editors offer feedback that is not only immediately helpful, but also helpful months and years later. Ally Harris is that editor; she’ll locks eye on your work and provide feedback that will deepen and enrich your own engagement with your creative process.”

From Sarah Turcotte, published in The Atlantic & 2012 National Magazine Awards Finalist:  “Ally’s editorial feedback has been invaluable to me for years—both in undergraduate workshops as well as recently with early drafts of my novel-in-progress. She’s an engaged reader with a natural instinct for what does and doesn’t work well. Her consideration of structural possibilities, point of view, and character and scene development proved vital in revisions.”

From Mark Leidner, author of Beauty Was the Case They Gave Me, (Factory Hollow, 2011),  The Angel in the Dream of Our Hangover (Sator, 2011), and Under the Sea (Tyrant Books, 2018): “Ally is a shrewd and intuitive editor. Her feedback was crucial in early drafts of my recent book. Her big-picture comments helped me order the poems in a more dramatic and interesting way, and her line-edits made many lines both more striking and interesting. Ally is also fun and easy to work with.”


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